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About Us

albania car rental company

Our service

With our partners Localrent, we provide a service to provide the best cars for rent in Albania.

Our partners are reliable, deposits are small and prices are favorable.

Why us?

Low deposits

The amount of money blocked on a customer’s card after they have received their rental car can be significant at some large companies, with deposits reaching thousands of euros. In contrast, our average deposit is just €300 and there are many rental car businesses that don’t need any form of deposit.

Objective assessment of damage

We examine harm in the presence of our customers. Our rates are significantly less expensive than those charged by international car rental firms — usually two to three times lower. Moreover, we never attempt to add any additional fees after the vehicle has been returned.

Advance on booking only 15%

Advance payment at the time of booking – only 15-20%. The main amount is paid after the inspection of the car.

Kris Polansky - it service

Kris Polansky

Dev team

Amadeo  Skënderi ceo and founder

Amadeo Skënderi

Founder & CEO

Redi Dzhehona client service

Redi Dzhehona

Client Service

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